Saturday, October 25, 2008

High Yield Investment Program: Easy Way to Get Scammed Online

High Yield Investment Programs(HYIP), has its own good and bad sides just like a coin has its own head and tail and if you think that you can invest in HYIP programs without being scammed then you must really think twice.
I just recently stumble upon three HYIP sites on Somhyip (HYIP monitoring site) that I tested and they took my money to the cleaners i.e they are scam 

HYIPs,just few days ago they finally closed these three sites. So you really need to know that a monitoring site that has three unreliable hyip program on it is also unreliable itself. The sites below are the hyip program sites. This sites make promises they cant keep, by giving high investment returns.
When you see this three sites run for your money....because I gave them some money for breakfast, lunch and diner and I won't want you to do the same.

The HYIP monitoring sites listed below give are highly genuine and reliable for honest analysis before you decide to take an investing position.

Wait a minute! You don't have to loose hope, I have made some research and extra findings for just to come up with this post on "5 Ways of Becoming a Successful High Yield Investment Program Investor". I would really appreciate it if you can read this article if you're a die hard high yield investor, mind you, this is not because I want to amass page views. I want you to be well equipped and be scam proof against future scams.

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