Wednesday, March 24, 2010


  1. Personal Orientation: An employer wants to employ a solution not a problem, have a problem solving mentality. Acquire skills that can add value to your organization of interest. Work on your health frequently and develop the right attitude to work.
  2. Research: This can be said to be an investigation, study, exploration, examination, inquiry. A job is a problem solving endeavor. Find out the problem you want to solve for your potential employer.
  3. CV presentation: Your CV is the sum total of who you are. What CV is to a potential employee is what a business plan is to potential entrepreneur. How well you present your CV will determine whether there is a vacancy or not.
  4. Qualification: Review your grade in line with prevailing requirement and strategize your way for the job/career, fresh graduates especially. Improve on your academic and professional qualifications for better placement. Also improve on your volunteering and pro-bonus.
  5. Continuous Learning: Get prepared by reading the biography of successful people especially business people. Get yourself into a study group and treat all available questions you can find. Practice GMAT, GRE, etc in preparation for aptitude test.
  6. Be Creative: Develop a creative way of solving problems, stand out from the crowd. Develop a unique way of looking for vacancies.
  7. Appropriate Preparation: Look into a mirror and do a mock interview in order to prepare for the real interview. Take note of your mistakes and correct them.
  8. Presentation Skills: Acquire basic interview skills; go to the internet, books and magazines. Develop your presentation, packaging and marketing skills.
  9. Personal Branding: Have dress sense, because you are a brand. People buy you before your products or services.
  10. Develop Personal Relationships/Networking: You develop a good interpersonal skill and try to be friendly by dropping all arrogant attitudes.
  11. Be Patient: Make your waiting period a learning exercise. Stay busy, read up, join professional body, do professional exam, study after a mentor, industry, library. Avoid being idle. Learn to give your skills, time and knowledge as a volunteer in someone’s business or become an apprentice and learn on the job. Don’t make money an excuse for not starting that business idea
  12. Mentoring: Have a career coach, find business coach you admire. His/her business intelligence will give a boost to your career.
  13. Decision: Take time to decide which direction you want to go. Your life is a product of the choice you make. Your decision determines your destiny.
  14. Get committed and acquainted.

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