Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Give it a professional look: If you are into affiliate marketing, Google Adsense , or blogging for profit and you can't afford to hire a professional website designer, at least invest some money in a professionally designed template.
Remember, customers will judge you based on their first impression of your site, so make sure it’s professional and in line with what they would expect to see from a company in your industry.
Build your site around prospects taking ONE action: Too many sites give visitors so many options that they get lost in the process of choosing and end up doing nothing. Decide what the most important task of your site is and then build your pages to support this. Be sure to remove all navigation that isn’t necessary to get them to take the ONE action you want them to take.
Choose your site colors carefully: They set the tone and can communicate powerful messages to prospective customers. As a result recent studies show that color can have a major impact on conversion rates.
Make sure all pages load as fast as possible: Do this by reducing the size of your graphics or eliminating them all together if they are not necessary. Keep individual graphics under 25KB and total page size (including all graphics) under 50KB.
Give people a reason to come back on a regular basis: This may include a regularly updated blog, news headlines, a forum, regularly published articles, or any other element that will make your potential customers visit again and again. The more often they visit your website/blog, the more likely they’ll be to eventually make a purchase.
Use the power of “because”: If you tell potential customers why you’re doing something they’ll be more likely to respond how you want them to. For example,
“Buy today for half price because we have several items with damaged packaging”
Studies show it’s the presence of the word “because” that gets people to act, so make sure to include it.

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