Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Generate Income And Profit From Domain Names

Domain names can generate recurring revenue in four ways; Pay Per Click (ppc) Parking Strategies, Google Adsense , Affiliate Marketing provides incredible cash flow, and selling your domain names for a handsome profit. Pay Per Click (ppc) Parking Strategies: This is an easy way of generating income from domain names because all you need to do is just like a dummy process.

There are countless others who use the pay per click parking method alone, to generate thousands of dollars a year for themselves. The secret to the success of this strategy rests in a term called Direct Navigation or Type-in Traffic. 

The process is as follows: A domain name is registered, Traffic is directed to a domain parking site which creates a page with links, Google and other PPC providers supply the ads, a user types the domain name directly into browser and clicks ad link, Advertisers pay Google and money is distributed with domain owners. 
Try this sites 

Google Adsense: Simply register a domain name, open a Google Adsense account, and attach ads to the domain name, frequently submit the URL to search engines for targeted traffic. For more effective result use a domain name that is easily misspelled. Try this site

Affiliate Marketing: With an affiliate marketing program you can now sell other peoples stuff or products on your website or blog. You simply find the products and build the advertising links on your vitamin website. Each time someone clicks the ads they are taken to the vendor’s site. When the visitor buys the product, you receive a commission from the affiliate program, simple stuff. Go to and select an affiliate program that you would like to market. Just browse through Clickbank marketplace and find one that would be of interest to your website.

Buying and Selling Domain Name: Whereas the first two strategies could be considered buy and hold, this one could be called the flip. It is akin to buying a house, fixing it up and flipping it for a tidy profit. It’s all about maximizing the potential value of the domain name. The process is as follows: A domain name is registered, a domain owner parks domain name, Domain owner lists domain name for sale, a buyer agrees to buy the domain name, and a buyer agrees to buy the domain name.

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