Saturday, March 20, 2010


HYIP simply means high yield investment portfolio. Profits of HYIP Companies are made from returns on investments such as Forex trading, oil and gas trading, stock trading, real estate, etc. The profit from your spend (the amount of money you invest) varies in percentage depending on the HYIP Company. The gospel truth is, it not necessary to be a computer or internet guru to be successful. The question on your mind is, how do I start HYIP? First, sign up with the HYIP Company. Requirements are personal details, online payment processor account e.g. Liberty reserve, E-bullion, E-gold, or domiciliary account. Once the account is available, the next step is to fund it. Finally, you are ready to play ball. For security purposes always type the web address of the payment processor and HYIP Company you are pitching your tent with in the custom or URL box. You’ll also be in need of a bank account for repatriation. The next question now is, where do I invest? All you need to do is to surf the World Wide Web, make use of search engines, and HYIP monitoring sites such as Goldpoll, Hothyips, Hyipmonitor, and you can as well join forums such as Talkgold, etc. The success journey is full of speed bumps, potholes and detours. And since nobody can entirely avoid them, the question is how you are good at handling them? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying; every adversity has a seed of benefit. Good Luck!!!

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