Thursday, April 8, 2010


It is a good thing if you are an affiliate for various programs when you are starting out, depending on the level of marketing expertise you have. Your list and your partners could really pay off well for you.
Over time, you will find steady earnings that will really propel you some in your internet marketing business. While your situation becomes more favorable, you must continue to aim for expansion and be excellent in what you have chosen to undertake as an affiliate.
But the best thing is really having your own affiliate program or joint venture program. This is not about being an affiliate for somebody else. This is now having your own affiliate force.
The good thing about having an affiliate program is that it’s virtually risk free because it’s a pay per sale or pay per performance. You only pay for results. No sale and it won’t cost you anything. There are lots of sales and commissions paid out. The more commissions you pay, the more income you get.
One thing you have to decide in this step is do you want a two tier or one tier model? From a distance or in theory, it really looks like two tiers are better because there’s a bit of a viral effect there.
However, there are instant challenges to two tiers. The first is from the standpoint of the software. And the second is from the payment-processing standpoint. You need to always ask yourself: Is that the business model you want? Is that the kind of lifestyle you want? So you must go back to the foundations of your business.
If you are using Paypal as a Payment processor, don’t go two tiers. Of course, you have to notify Paypal. Now they don’t assign an account manager until you do about 10 to 15 thousand. So, if you’re just starting out, you have nothing to worry about, but you’ll grow out of that point and experience the hassles then.
You have lots of options. You can do pay per click, pay per sale, pay per action or pay per lead. Another thing to decide is which software, system or script you are going to use. These are also very important as you form your affiliate force.
Another thing to consider in an affiliate program is how are you going to keep you people or your affiliates excited or continually promoting your product. You can have special affiliate promotions, contests, special deals.
Having your own affiliate program really brings in pool of benefits for you that being an affiliate for other businesses will not give you. The fact that you manage to monopolize your earnings because it is you who call the shots is a major benefit in itself.
When you do have your own affiliate force, there will be adjustments to make with regard to how you do your business. You will take sole responsibility for how your business turns out.

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