Thursday, April 29, 2010


A great way to get your website popularized is by avoiding mistakes that are not search engine friendly. An SEO process should be initiated on a site taking some points into consideration. I would like to share some tips with you guys about how you can allure search engines to get your site up in the search results. Read this article and find the kith and kinds of search engine optimization world.

Here are some of the mistakes that are usually ignored while carrying on the SEO process.

Don’t do it yourself or don’t let any SEO Company to submit your URL in thousands of search engines and directories. That is rather a waste of time and money altogether. These sites are usually link farms and do get penalized by google.

People waste time submitting site URL’s to search engines. The crawler will index your site sooner then you might think. The only effort to be made is gathering some quality links that crawler can follow to reach your site. If your site is capable enough, it will be indexed in no time.

Good back links
are the key players in getting your site up in the SERPs. Avoid back links from link farms. It takes a good amount of time and effort to gather good links but that is the only way to see your site rising in SERPs. It’s optimal in any search engine optimization process to get not more than 500 back links for a site as tons of links can look suspicious to search engines and could result in penalty.

As far as visitors are concerned, if you want good traffic
on your site make it an interactive tool. Give your visitors a regular feedback to their enquiries and keep them updated with the new offers and products that have been launched.

The best option is to get your site listed in volunteer-edited sites like Wikipedia. Such sites can place your site as a reference for visitors in their articles. If your sites are potential enough they can be suggested to the visitors for more information in such sites.

Google admires fair SEO and PPC practices. Optimize your site
in a way that can lead crawlers to keep your site indexed and highly ranked in search engines.

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