Monday, November 15, 2010

How to backup and Restore a Blog with Blogger Export and Import Feature

Bloggers now accidentally delete their blogs or Blogger deleting their blogs. It is a brilliant practice to backup your blog so that you can restore it when such mistakes take place. Blogger have now introduced import blogs, export blogs, backing up and restoring blog making it very easy exercise. Links, contents, comments and photos is now easily backed up           and restored with just a couple of clicks.
How do I backup my blog?
1.   Log in to Blogger Dashboard, go to ‘Setting tab> Basic' and you will see 3 links which include ‘Import blog’, 'Export blog’ and ‘Delete blog’.
2.   Click on ‘Export blog’ and Blogger will create an XML file for you to save on your computer. Note: save the XML file with a suitable file name or in a folder which will enable you to easily locate it when needed or to distinguish it from Backup template XML file because both will have identical icons.
If anything wrong happens to your blog, you can easily go to ‘Setting tab> Basic’, but this time click on ‘Import blog’, click Browse to get your Exported XML file. Complete the captcha (word verification), select whether to automatically publish all imported posts or not, then just click on ‘Import blog’.
Import and export features can be used to export your Blogger blogs to other blogging platform or to import blogs from other blogging platform to your Blogger blog.
Note that a note on the option to automatically publish all imported posts and the possibility of triggering Blogger’s boot to mark the imported blog as spam blog. If you are worried, you should not check/tick the box for ‘All Imported blog to be published automatically’. You will then get a list of imported posts after which you can publish the posts in batches by ticking some posts and then clicking ‘Publish”.
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