Monday, November 15, 2010

NetworkedBlogs- Easy Way to Get Good Traffic

Imagine a Business without customers, this means no profit. Likewise, a blog without traffic means no profit or visitors. To keep a blog up and running, all you need to do is to drive traffic to it. The monetization on you’re your will work well with decent traffic.
NetworkedBlog is the largest blog utility on facebook with over 2,200,000 active monthly users. It is an important facebook application for serious bloggers on facebook. It has an interesting feature which is the “Discussion Board” on the application page. You can start a topic and then put a link to your blog post. An exciting topic will definitely attract anyone that reads it to check out your blog.
All you need to do to start getting good load of traffic is to import your blog to facebook using this application.
How do I start? To get started;
1.      Log in to your facebook account and search for NetworkedBlog, or put this in the navigation bar of your browser then click Enter.
You might see a message asking if you want to add the application, simply respond with ‘Yes’
2.   On the application page, click on “Add New Blog” To add your blog successfully you need the feed address of your blog. You can CLICK HERE ( to get your blog feed address.
3.   Edit your settings to choose either Auto publishing or Manual publishing.
4.   This is the last step. Just go to the NetworkedBlog Gadget on my blog to follow me. Once you follow me, I will gladly follow you back.
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