Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Labels – How to Add Label to Your Blog Post for Easy Accessibility

Labeling your blog post will make it easy for visitors to read through your blog old posts. Label is a simple blogging tip that enables you to package old and new posts. For example in some blogs such as
When you are writing a post, there is a space at the bottom of the form marked “Labels for this post.” In this marked space, you can enter whatever labels you want or like separating them with commas. In addition, you can also click the “show all” link to display a list of labels you have used previously. Then just click on the labels to add them.
After the post is published, the labels will be listed with it. Clicking any of the labels will take you to a page containing only posts with that label.
For advanced users, you can easily change the formatting used here by editing your blog’s layout. Adding a list of all your blog’s labels in the side bar of your blog, you can also have the labels sorted alphabetically or by frequency of use. Labels are really of great effect if have a blog about a lot of different subjects or topics, so that readers can then decide to view all your post on the, for instance, ‘Google Adsense tips’ together. Or blogging tips, hacking tips and tricks, or whatever you happen to be writing about. Lastly, lets say you have a team blog, you could also give each member their own label, and this could make it easy for all post to be read by anyone of them. Freedom and free styling is also a welcome idea too, that is, feel free to come up other creative new labels and uses as well.
A very good example of blogs with labels are, and, some of the labels you can see there include blogspot templates, 3 column blogger, minima hack, affiliate system, free music, free downloads, opera-mini tricks, build traffic, amazon associate, new blogger templates, etc.
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