Sunday, December 5, 2010

Computer Maintenance – Helpful Tips on Computer Maintenance

Any Internet business or any activity that has to do with the World Wide Web, works hand in hand with PC at home or in public cafes. This post was inspired by the problem I encounter most times with my PC, it affects Most computer users do not know how to maintain their computers. These tips will help you.
  • Powering on your PC: Switch on the electricity power socket. Switch on your UPS. Then switch on your Printer, Scanner, CPU, and then Monitor and any other peripherals. And wait for the computer to boot. The sign to know it has finished booting is that the graphic in the form of a shaking drum for Windows XP or a ring in Windows Vista just underneath the mouse will disappear.
  • Shutting down your Computer: Close all open windows, if some don’t respond, wait for it to close and if it takes too long press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and a dialogue box will come out, and then click ‘end now', wait for some time to respond. Do same for the other windows that are not responding accordingly. Then click start on the task bar and then click shutdown. But if you want the computer to sleep when you are not closing for the day, click hibernate or standby. But you can then shutdown when you want to leave. Wait for the computer to go off by seeing the black screen. Then press the on/off button of the monitor, and then turn off your UPS and the other peripherals and finally the electricity power socket.
  • Things you must not do on the Computer:
    1. You must not leave the computer monitor be too direct to your face, it must be tilted up a bit.
    2. You must scan external flash drive before using it before you open it.
    3. Never put off the power of your CPU manually. Be patient when working with windows; allow your program to load when you have double clicked it. And make sure the AC is on in your office for the computer processor to cool down.
    4. Don’t open plenty of windows at the same time; at least maximum of 6 is okay.
    5. Make sure you don’t pile up your desktop with unused shortcuts and too many shortcuts on the desktop slow down the CPU.
    6. Don’t eat or drink tea while you are on the computer table because of the keyboard so that liquids or food will not splash on the keyboard or other peripherals.
  • Disk Cleanup: It is always good to perform a disk cleanup at least once every month. Follow this step to do it: My Computer │ Right Click Local Disk (C :) │ Properties │ Disk Cleanup │ Click Ok │ Dialogue box Click Yes. That will be all for now.
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