Saturday, September 15, 2012

Domain Cultivation Methods – A Buying Technique for Getting a Domain Name

Domain name as you know is a name of a site or the address of a site that cannot be shared. Domain can help generate recurring revenue or traffic online for your internet business. Examples of domain names are,,, etc. Now follow these steps to cultivate your domain name.
Domain Name Cultivation Method
1. Registration on your own for cheap: Think of something, subject or topic that interests you.
(a.) Use and type in keyboard e.g. “men’s shoes”, “global football”, “global league”, “domain tools”, “SEO tools”, “twitter gadgets”, “facebook gadgets”, “survey tools”, “survey gadgets”, “paid survey”, “survey park”, “forex tools”, “blog tools”, “traffic tips”, “blogging tricks”, blog splash, “traffic tools”, “paid blog”, etc.
(b.) Use an Automated Keyboard Selector: Go to and use wizard tool or magician tool, type in keyboard, select Go wizard.
(c.) Stay on top of Trends and News. Follow the current trends and news to know what is in vogue on the World Wide Web. Just as we have now, social networking is what most surfers indulge in. The likes of facebook and twitter are the rave of the moment.
Recommended Registrars: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

2. Picking up an expired domain: Test using or try out other way back machine. Expired domain listing sites such as (looking for visitors to buy product on blog or site)., , (Enom Club Drop). Others, (use the ‘Deleting’ tab),, (refer to “Today’s Hotlist” section),,, Domain Grabber.
3. Bid at auction:,,, etc.
4. Buying from a third-party: Referred to as domain sales aftermarket. Domain name buying technique;
A.    Aftermarket domain resellers: (click on make offer after you have seen the one you want),,,,
B.    Online merchants: (it is not competitive).
C.    Direct email expressing interest: search for owners. Go to whois search tool.
D.    Forums/Newsgroups:,,,,, Look for “domain for sale”

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