Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Articles – How to Get Free Articles Online For Blogs and Websites Contents

Blog content is very important in positioning your blog on the World Wide Web. Contents determine the amount of traffic and visibility you will get online. I am sure you will agree with me that the internet is a very rich source of information. I always admire the writing prowess and skill of Susan Gunelius, most of her articles can be gotten from, on this you can virtually any article you can think of on internet business. In order to get free contents and articles online, there are three ways to locate existing articles related to your keywords. Which are; search engines, article banks and forums?

1.    Search engine: This can be done by going to your favourite search engines like,,,, and do a search for articles using keywords. The formula is “keyword article”. E.g. “make money articles”, survey tools articles”, “domain parking articles”, etc, then click search.
2.    Article banks: There are several good databases of articles that are available for you to browse and search. Different authors submit their articles to these databases in order to get publishers (like you) interested in their articles enough to publish them. Article bank is a good place to look for articles, as the authors want their articles to be published in your publications. The directories below are those I use.
3.    Forums: A lot of people post their articles to these forums in other to draw your attention to their sites/products. Articles can be easily gotten from forums by making use of the search engine on the forum website. Just use it the way I explained above for search engines earlier and you should be able to get useful contents. Some useful forums are;
Note: Make sure you read the terms and conditions of any site you wish to get your contents from to use, this is very important. That will be all for now.
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