Sunday, December 12, 2010

HYIP Danger Signal – How to Spot HYIP Danger Signals in HYIP Investments

How to spot HYIP danger signals in HYIP programs. First, just let me refresh your memory on what HYIP mean. It means High Yield Investment Program. HYIP offer unbelievable high returns usually in the area of 1 – 3% per day or even more, and this sometimes put some HYIP companies in problem because in the long run some of them don’t meet up with these promises, thereby disappearing into the thin air. The following instructions will help you spot a red light in a HYIP program, just stay with me and let us quickly go through them:
1. Watch out for attempts by website operator to disguise themselves as a legal entity.  These could be in words or phrase like not having to pay tax, attempts at being anonymous, private placements, avoidance of regulatory scrutiny, off-shore registration to avoid surveillance by government watchdogs, banks and other financial or investment institutions always comply with the rules or general custom “know your customer” rules and guidelines. Therefore, if a HYIP program is not asking for that, take note.
2. Know where the website is being advertised. If it is not being advertised on a regular investment or other financial sites or areas, ask yourself the question why not? Are certain online payment processors not included in this particular program? Is the program registered with security agency? How do they make such high profits so that the can pay you those huge returns. Ask yourself all those questions and note your answers.
3. Just like a faithful believer waiting for the second coming of Christ be constantly on the alert. Look for any indication, I repeat again any indication of a potential problem or red flag waving at you that may show a program is heading for problem such as missed or delayed payments or messages from the administration talking about government intervention or payment processors being reason for their failure. Participate in discussion groups and forums. Educate yourself so that you can easily recognize fraud or scam.
Note: It is easy to loose your money in HYIP investment so carefully answer all the questions above and make a wise decision before taking any giant step.
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