Sunday, April 21, 2013

Best Practices to Apply on Twitter to Achieve Optimum Result and Get Targeted Live Traffic

Twitter is a social networking site you can use to get targeted live traffic to your blog or website. This is so true because you have millions of user world wide making use of Twitter platform to try and get exposure for their blogs or websites, which in return will bring live quality traffic. Feel free to add the tips below to your bags of other tricks.
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How does it work?
Twitter lets you write and read messages of up to 140 characters, or the very length of this sentence, including all punctuation and spaces.
The messages (also known as tweets) are public, and you decide which accounts you want to receive messages from and this is where you get the targeted live traffic for your affiliate links. Twitter works equally well from your desktop or mobile phone.  
Additional tips:
* Build relationships on Twitter.
* Listen for comments about you.
* Respond to comments and queries.
* Ask questions.
* Post links to things people would find interesting and you will be rewarded with targeted live traffic.
* Retweet messages you would like to share.
* Use a friendly, casual tone.
* Don’t spam people with your links all because you want targeted live traffic.
* Leverage the real-time nature of Twitter.
* Ask questions, float ideas, solicit feedback and expect fast feedback most of the time.
*If you’ve launched a product, new store or new campaign, search Twitter for comments.
* Respond to customer service issues quickly.
* Engage in discussion on a tricky public issue your company is dealing with.
* Measure the value of Twitter.
* Before setting up measurement tools, focus on the quality of your engagement: do a gut-check of how things are going. *Try to analyze the quality of feedback and topics of discussion, you may find this changing over time so that you can leverage to get targeted live traffic.
* Keep a tally of questions answered, customer problems resolved and positive exchanges held.
* When offering deals on Twitter, use a unique coupon code or separate landing page.

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  1. The main flaw with twitter is that for you reach many people, you need to have many followers.

    1. You are absolutely right. Thanks for sharing your opinion