Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Traffic - How to Increase your Blog Traffic With Z List

The Z-List is a concept started in December 2006 by Mack Collier from A Viral Garden .

If you wish to participate you should copy and paste a list of blogs in this post and include those blogs that you think should get more exposure. It is called the Z-list because it is a list of blogs not having much traffic in contrast to the A-list blogs. By publishing this list you will increase your Technorati Rank, Google Page Rank, get more traffic and more friends.

After you post this list in a post this will get reflected in Technorati and blog owners who check up on who is linking to them will find out about it and will come over to visit your blog and perhaps become interested enough (depending on your blog content) to leave a comment or even subscribe to your feed.

Here are the steps to follow in order to loin the list :

1. Create a new post.

2. Copy and Paste the entire list of blog links below

3. Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list.

4. Include the blog where you first got the list from, on the list in your post.

5. Make sure that all links point to each blog’s homepage.

6. Publish the Post.

You can join the list at any time. There are no fees. It is free. Copy and paste the below list. Add any other blogs you wish.

To make it easier for you, you can download the list here and then copy and paste to EDIT HTML of your blog. Cheers!

Complete help on Mtn Free browsing. Blogger Tips, Twitter tips. Recharge Voucher printing. Internet Marketing.

One blogger’s experiment in building and engaging with online communities.
Reviews blogs and sites so that we don’t have to.
The ethical use of social media for bloggers and other web users.
Blog Consultant bringing the twin passions of business and blogging together.
The legendary Liz Strauss, blogger extraordinaire and creator of the SOB award.
Focus on writing, ideas and connections
The importance of copy in corporate blogging
How to measure reading effectiveness and why it is important in the blogosphere
Blogging about starting an Internet company in the Sutherland Shire.
Broad and deep insight into the branding process.
Blog to help businesses re-imagine their brands.
Corporate branding blog focused on leadership.
Using technology and marketing knowledge to improve business communications.
Japanese readers/speakers? Anyone?
(Site in English) Tips for great presentations, marketing, and business communications.
Complete help on the new blogger. Blogger Hacks, Blogger templates. Adsense. Search engine Optimization.
Discussions of “jerks” in business.
Health, wealth and the freedom to choose. Archived blog. New one is jugaad (
Views on business life.
Business development, marketing troubleshooting
Wide ranging discussion on business with a funny and pictorial approach.
Fun Ideas to stimulate your creativity.
Marketing and SEO copywriting tips.
Tips for stirring creativity in business.
How to create great customer experiences on the web and in the “real” world.

Flee the CubeStarting up a small business in web design.
Online and offline community building tips and tricks.
Technology news focusing on blogs and blog software
Changing the world with little bits of knowledge
All things to do with technology, mobile phones and gaming.
Tech news, writing and marketing
Focuses on the technology of the Internet and loves Google.
Tech news stories relating to Canada
Musings on technology, IT management, and online community.
Interaction design, user interface design, user experience, usability and social trends related to mobile devices.
Tech new and reviews written by 17 year old in India. Awesome.
Design and photography blog.
Travel/photography blog includes stunning shots and photography tips.
Lightweight travel guide/destination information on selected cities. Needs more.
Viral marketing tools, memes and SEO tips.
Web analytics, in particular for blogs
Use of new technologies for the web.

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