Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Automatically Publish Your Feed or Post on Social Network Such as Twitter

Recently, I was surfing the web to get more blogging tips I can use to increase the traffic on my blog then I stumbled on this wonderful secret that have been available for a while and never came across it ‘’How to automatically publish your feed to Twitter’’. Are you stunned? Please, don’t be. After I got this trick, I decided that I will have to share this with you so that we can all fulfill our dreams of making money online through blogging.
How to Automatically Publish Your Feed or Post on Social Network Such as Twitter
Guess you already know that when you publish your feed or post to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter your site will get more quality visitors. This secret is going to be basically for the person using Feedburner to manage his/her blog feed. It will just be 2 steps to get this done in a very easy way, and it just for you to add automatic socialize behaviour to your feed. For now Feedburner only supports Twitter.
The Following steps will guide you in your configuration;

Log in to your Feedburner accountSelect your feed.
Click Publicize tabSelect Socialize (You can get this from the left side menu)
If you already have a Twitter account, add that account there (Click to follow me on twitter). Otherwise, you need to create a new Twitter account first. Visit to create a new account. It is important for you to know that each feed only to post to one Twitter account at a time.

You can decide to post the feed title, title and body, or just the body as the tweet. If you include a link to end feed item, your feed item permalinks will be rewritten as a shortened URL by Google. You can also decide what you want to restrict from publishing to twitter, then you can preview. Hey, that should be all for now. 

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