Monday, February 14, 2011

HYIP Red Alert – The Recent Status of Future Trails on HYIP Monitoring Sites

When I first started out on the internet, looking for how to make quick, fast, cheap, easy, stable money online the lazy way as a Nigerian, I was really interested in HYIP   because of my passion for investing. As a beginner and lover of HYIP, I was so naïve and I never bordered myself about the pitfalls of the program which have really caused me a lot of dollars online.
During the days of Genius Funds and Safe Atom, I got my payments at the right time when everything was good and also lost an equal amount of money when it was bad, that is they stopped paying and the Admin stopped responding to request. The lost I accrued was mainly because I overlooked most of the signals that indicates when a program is flashing you a red light (Note: To read more on this read alert signals, unsuspected dangers or draw backs, check out my previous post on “Hyip Danger Signal – How to Spot HYIP Danger Signals in HYIP Investments”.
In this past few days, a lot of HYIP investors got really scared because of the waiting status of Future Trails on most of the HYIP monitoring sites like,,, to mention but a few. The investors’ complaints were;
Not being able to log in to their accounts to make withdrawals.
Pending withdrawals, that is, their withdrawals were not being processed.
Admin did not respond to their investors’ complaints.
But to my surprise, I made a withdrawal request on Monday 7th of February, 2011 and I got my payments the same day.
Date: 2011-07-02 19.22.13
Batch: 54859368
From Account: U0578687
Amount: 23.83
Memo: Withdraw to geepawps
From: Future Trails
Well, if you are interested in joining Future trails because they are still paying and still ranked first on goldpoll despite the problem they had. Click this: Join Future Trails to make money in HYIP.
Even after the above payment, I also made request to withdraw and I was paid at the right time.
In summary, Future Trails days are numbered. I still have some funds there to play with because I can afford to loose it if anything happens. If you are a Nigerian reading this post, I would say “Shine your eyes”, and to my other faithful reader I would say “Be on the look out” because anytime from now Future Trails might disappear into the thin air, going away with peoples’ funds. Hey! Just be really careful.
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