Thursday, February 3, 2011

Online Paid Surveys – Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

Online paid surveys are programs sponsored by various companies online such as Ebay, Sony, Sharp, etc. to seek consumer’s opinions on their products and services. These companies carry out the online market surveys to examine the condition of their products in the market. Obviously, to know this statistics they need you and me to get all the work done through taking these online surveys.
Online Paid Surveys – Get Paid to Take Online Surveys
So this is where you and I come in. All you need to do is to give your honest opinion through the online surveys about their products, so that you can get more quality service from them. Wait a minute, you won’t do all this for free, and you will definitely be paid to take these surveys.
In this post, I have taken my time to get a few list of online paid opinion surveys that still pay. Hey, I can guarantee you that these are not scam sites.
1. America Consumer Opinion: You’ll be paid for sharing your opinions and ideas in online surveys. Win money in monthly drawings just for being a member. Win money in drawings when you fill out a short questionnaire. Earn cash each time you complete a survey (a longer questionnaire).
2. Global Test Market: Earn cash by filling out surveys and referring your friends.
3. Gozing surveys: Participate in online or telephone surveys and you will receive Amazon gift certificates or Paypal cash.
4. Get paid $50 for filling out 25 minutes surveys, $150 for participating in focus group panels for 30 to 60 minutes; earn free trips, free diners, and get freebies given to you with each survey completed.
5. Online Paid Surveys: A free site where users can share experiences and learn about online paid survey opportunities. The site includes a user blog, poll, a user review section, and editorial reviews on legitimate paid market research opportunities.
6. Opinion Outpost: This is an online community where people like you can come to share their opinion by participating in survey research. In return for your valued opinions, you can earn points which can earn opinion points which can be exchanged for cash and prizes.
Online Paid Opiinon Surveys
 7. Survey Savvy: Earn cash by filling out surveys and referring friends
8. Yellow Surveys: Over 500 survey companies offering paid surveys in cash and prizes.
9. Opinion Surveys. 
10. Opinions Paid.
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    Online paid surveys are one of the biggest income opportunities that has emerged online. Online surveys are short questionnaires usually 3-15 minutes in length that are created by major corporations in order to get consumer feedback on their products or services. Thank you...

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