Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Web Design San Jose Tips - 3 Things a Good Business Website Needs

Different kinds of websites have variety requirements. For example, a personal blog may need completely different aspects and characteristics from a business website, which is why it makes absolutely no sense for them to look the same, function the same and to have the same elements. When you talk about business websites, consumers automatically have this idea in their head as to what it should have. This is why Web Design San Jose always take extra care when designing a site for business purposes. The Website Designers San Jose make sure to put in special elements that immediately distinguish a website as being a business website. Today, Website Designers San Jose share with us 3 things that are important for a business website to have. Read on and find out what the experts, Web Design San Jose, need to put in.

1. A very specific title and description tag - Web Design San Jose says, right from the start, your consumer needs to be informed what exactly you are about, why you are on the internet, and what you are selling. To get information like this right away, many depend on the title tag and description tag in your website. Your title tag must be concise, yet still very informative. As for your descriptive tag, it must function more than being merely descriptive. It should start to sell your idea to your possible customers. Your description tags must already have some parts of your sales pitch.

2. Samples - Once you've told your consumers that you are, in fact, selling something, then you should go on and try to convince them that you are selling a great product. The best way from them to clearly see your wares is by viewing your samples. If you're a website company, then allow your customers to see some websites you've churned out. If you make jewelry, show them photos of how this necklace or this bracelet is supposed to look. Once customers get a visual image of the product, they will be able to decide whether they need your product or your service or not.

3. Customer Service - Your potential customers may be this close to buying your product, but they may want 1 or 2 questions answered before they commit. This is why customer service is so important. Your website needs to have a customer service representative to chat to, or a customer service hotline to call, or even a customer service email address. If your customers will have questions about a product, there are greater chances that he won't buy it, which will not spell out well for you!

If you don't run a business website, then there is really no need to put all of this in. However, if you do, then please get started. Implement these points into your website so your sales and ultimately, your business will get better!

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