Friday, July 29, 2011

HYIP Investment - Even If You are Dull or a Novice Make money With Opulentia HYIP.

As a big fan of HYIP, I have fallen so much in love with this program "opulentia". I have been enjoying the programs stable returns and payments since Apr-26-2011 03:16:52 AM, never for once have they refuse to fulfil their obligation. Opulentia hyip program has really been such a great experience and guess what?
....I already made over 150% return including my principal (that is, my initial capital). If you ain't with this program then you are really missing a lot. Just for your delight, let me now go into details of this program.

Opulentia is a private investment program with purpose to provide our members with interesting investment opportunities and to gain additional profit with help from experienced and professional investors.
  1. Two investment plans.Three level affiliate program.
  2. Minimum investment amount is only $1.
  3. Payment options: LibertyReserve, Perfect Money, GlobalDigitalPay, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay.
  4. Success and expertise of our managers is a guarantee of very small risk of company failures, which actually means that you, as our fellow investor, will not lose any funds invested with us.
  5. User-selectable compound level.
  6. Fast and efficient support team.
  7. No need to submit the source of income
Daily plan - daily payouts of 2.15% (Monday to Friday) for 365 days. At the end of investment period the principal will be returned to you. The minimal investment for this plan is $1 while the maximum is unlimited. Compounding is available.
Weekly plan - weekly payouts of 11% for 55 weeks. At the end of investment period the principal will be returned to you. The minimal investment for this plan is $1 while the maximum is unlimited. Compounding is available.
Recently added is the new Celebratory "short term" plan - The plan consists of 25% after 7 days + principal. Yes, that means if you invest $100, after precisely 7 days you can withdraw $125.
If you have enjoyed our professional program, please recommend Opulentia to your friends, co-workers or members of a forum you participate in and explode your earnings with our multi-level referral system:
* Level 1. - 5%
* Level 2. - 3%
* Level 3. - 2%
To get banners and your personal referral link, simply login to Opulentia and click the "Referral Links" link in your control panel to the right side.
We give extra bonuses in addition to our referral program to people who make posts on different forums about their great experience with Opulentia. Get paid by doing what you love!
Click here to join Opulentia Today.
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