Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blogging Trick - How to Make All Blogger Blog Links Open in a New Tab or Window

Making your links to open in new tab or window on a blog is one of the many blogging tricks I have tried in past, I later had to stop this on my Internet Investment ideas blog because I personally don’t like the idea of a new page opening in my browser without my authorization.
While preparing this how to post I decided to do some checking on whether people like the trick, the end result was that some bloggers will prefer their visitors to decide which link they want to open in new window, why some like this idea. On Problogger, an article by Darren Rowse titled Should Links Open in a New Window? He added in this article that if he wants a link to be opened in a new window that he would make a note of it. In his exact words he said,”If I ever decided I had a good reason to open something in anew window I’d make a note of it so the reader knew what to expect”.
Notwithstanding, I am still going ahead in the post to help out if you really want all hyperlinks pops up every now and then. Well in a nutshell, it is actually simple to make all links open in new window. 
Okay, let us get this rolling;

Just sign into Blogger Dashboard, click Design, then click Edit HTML (Note: don’t forget to back up your template by downloading it). Now, tick the expand widget box.
To make your edit faster and easy use shortcut ctrl+F to find <head> and immediately after that, add a single line <base target='_blank' /> so that it becomes

<base target='_blank' />

Save the edited template, and all links in your blog will now open in new tabs or windows.


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  2. Thank you for sharing this code, I've been wanting to do the same with my blog.

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  6. I like this. Not just only to activate it like a popup but also the other way. Thanks Obadina.

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