Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Closed HYIP - Latest HYIP Update On Blacklisted Programs

This is my own little way of helping you to reduce your loses in High Yield Investment Programs. This programs always have their highs and lows, so you must always be on the look out for good programs.
The information you have below was compiled from Goldpoll, which is a monitoring site for HYIPs. Just take your time to go through the list carefully and I hope it will be of help to you.

Mac Earn
Hourly Instant
Quick Profits
Oppo Markets
Stable Assets
Golden Fund Group
Enormous - Profit
nvest Federal
Ing Finance
Treasure Trade Ltd
Better Forex Co
Safe Fund
Vasta Orkland Fund
Vigil Club
Better Forex Co
Forex Inv
IMF Strategy
Commodities - Investment
Petro Proffit
Heinx Investment

The last programs that have been discovered as "selective payers" during the GoldPoll Cares Campaign are Zealand Investment, FlyYield, Gold Gain, MGFunds, Feocash, IT 2 Inv, Green Inv Fund, Right Invest Club.
Emails were received about,,,,,,, gold-manufacture,,,,,,,,, that they aren't paying and admins aren't answering emails. Be careful!
Are you new to High Yield Investment program(HYIP), you can read the following posts.
Permit me to stop now.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this list, I've been thinking of investing my money on gold.

  2. @Gold Buyer, thanks for dropping your comment. Please you should come back to share your experience after you invest.

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  4. Len Sandler, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to having you more frequently.