Thursday, August 4, 2011

Online Payment Processor Liberty Reserve Scam - Disregard This Message

Liberty reserve scam has always been around for a long time. I could vividly remember when I was still a novice online, I made some deposit to my account and before I could say Jack Robinson the money was gone. A very good friend Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog came to my rescue and shared some tips on how to safe guard my account.
Online Payment Processor Liberty Reserve Scam - Disregard This Message
 There are ways that if you ain't careful your Liberty reserve account will be hacked. The main reason I am writing this post is as a result of the email I received recently, which was claimed to be from the original Liberty reserve. Well, immediately I contacted LR about the scam and I got the message below:

Dear Customer
Thank you for contacting us.
Please note that Liberty Reserve does not send out such e-mails. The only e-mails you may receive from Liberty Reserve would be your payment confirmations and sent message confirmations. Always remember that Liberty Reserve will never ask you to click on any links, to validate your account, or to provide Any information via e-mail. There is no way to unblock or validate your account by clicking any links.
Any claims otherwise by anyone are false and misleading. We ask you to forward all suspicious e-mails to our abuse department via ticketing system so that we can investigate the source and take appropriate action against those in violation of our Terms of Service. Please always exercise extreme caution when conducting any business on-line and perform your own due diligence on any entity you wish to do business with on-line.
If you have concern whether something came from Liberty Reserve or need any other assistance - please contact the support ticketing system (general support) or via live chat (6:00AM - 6:00PM M-F GMT-6).
This is a security tip for you.
Download the version of our LibertyGuard for Firefox version 3.5/3.6 Is easy, free, and the most important keep your account safe from phishing emails and fake sites.

Andrew Lusk
Customer Service.
© 2002 — 2011 Liberty Reserve S.A / All rights reserved.

This was the message I got from those good for nothing guys;
Dear Liberty Reserve Members,
Liberty Reserve has made considerable progress and improvement, it has become the leading e-currency and its services are being improved continuously.
Recently we have estabilished a very important relation with leading Forex traders from Costa Rica and we decided to give a special offer to you:
This opportunity will not last long, so you must react quickly.
Deposits are accepted until 16. July 2011. 00:00 (GMT), which means that you have about 25 hours to make a deposit in case you are interested in this offer.
One unit in this special program is worth 100 US dollars. The minimal deposit is 1 unit ($100), while the maximum deposit is 1000 units ($50000) per member.
You need to make a spend to:
Liberty Reserve account U1294492 - 150% payout will be made back to your LR account in 7 days, on 23. July 2011. 00:00 (GMT).The payout is GUARANTEED and there is no risk from losing your funds.

Thank you,
Liberty Reserve Team
Liberty Reserve Latest Online Scam
I just hope you really avoid getting involve in this message. Safeguard your LR account by keeping your password safe. Another useful tip is by typing in the liberty reserve url in your browser just like the first picture highlighted, so that you don't fall victim of liberty reserve scam.
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Permit me to stop now.
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  3. he main reason I am writing this post is as a result of the email I received recently, which was claimed to be from the original Liberty reserve.

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