Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plus-Inv High Yield Investment Program - Online Investment Company

At the time of writing this post, Plus-Inv High Yield Investment Program - Online Investment Company, I am still trying to test the performance of this hyip investing site. Plus-Inv is a one of the new investment for 2011 that promise a high return on investment. This hyip program is just 8 days old today Tuesday 23rd of August, and I am expecting to make my first withdraw tomorrow (I will get you posted in the comment section if I get my money or not).
Plus-Inv has private placement programs as well for the many people are searching for an investment program that delivers financial rewards without a huge investment of capital. You decide how much and when you invest. In brief, we present you with the chance to become our investment partner. In doing so, you will avoid all the risks most private investors have to deal with. Due to our wide investment diversification and a professional approach to creating an investment portfolio, all investors' money is insured against investment risks to the maximum possible extent.
investing/investment company

Just like every online investments, there is a risk involved with investing in all high yield investment programs. However, there are a few simple ways that can help you to reduce the risk of losing more than you can afford to. First, align your investments with your financial goals, in other words, keep the money you may need for the short-term out of more aggressive investments, reserving those investment funds for the money you intend to raise over the long-term. It's very important for you to know that we are real traders and that we invest members' funds on major investments.

Plus-Inv accepts only both Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money as the online payment processor, that is, you can only deposit and withdraw using those two.
investment options
Investment Plans
130% After 1 day
250% After 4 days
350% After 6 days
600% After 9 days
1500% After 18 days
3100% After 36 days(principal return + 10% bonus) 
Plus-Inv is composed of a group of experienced bankers and traders that have pooled their expertise to provide private investors with a truly viable way to increase their wealth.
For the investor who wants to begin Offshore Trading in gold annuities or commodities, Infactori.com is the answer.

With our experienced group of bankers and traders working for you, it isn't unnatural to realize significant returns on your modest investment.  
Interested in joinning this Plus-Inv Click Here.

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  2. I really appreciate you dropping your comment, since you want me to be on your blog I am presently checking it out. Your blog is nice, with time you will start making money though referrals if you can really work on your traffic.

  3. Hi yes you have nice blog too. Ok I added few interesting hyip sites there, check anytime back, there will be new stuff uploaded on my blog :D bye

  4. If you have gone through my post well, I actually promised to let you know if I get my first payment. Yes, I did got my first payment and it was instant withdraw. Hey, happy investing.

  5. Looks like genuine, since you have received your amount, planning to invest.

  6. @Technology Consultant.Yeah, a bit genuine. But please don't invest more than you can't afford to lose. Thank your for dropping your comment.

  7. @ oluwayomi. I hate all these HYIP though some are good.
    How much did u invest? For how many days? And how much did u get in return?@ oluwayomi. I hate all these HYIP though some are good.
    How much did u invest? For how many days? And how much did u get in return?

  8. @Silvaniltd I quite agree with what you've said,hyip is risky and dirty.The trick is to diversify and don't invest more than what you can't afford to lose.In Plus-inv I invested $30, 6 days and 20% return on investment.

  9. Plus-Inv is now having problem paying their investors, so be careful and stop investing with the hyip program.

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    1. Hmm...anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion.