Friday, September 16, 2011

Safe Depositary Investment Company – Licensed Offshore Asset Management Services.

What would it feel like to have your investments in good hedge funds or mutual funds or better still in bonds or shares or a very good stock? Well you don’t have to think far because you got what you right here with Safe Depositary Investment Program – Licensed Offshore Asset Management Services.
Safe Depositary is a very reliable high yield investment that has a very low risk due to the percentage they offer to their clients. Unlike most of the following investment options shared in the following post; Advantages Capital High Yield Investment Program Provides 121% and 150% ROI. Safe Depositary offers 1.6% Return on Investment.
Safe Depositary is an online investment company that hard work is the key secret. It is not so easy to run and maintain an investment campaign or hyip for the period of time that most hyip monitoring sites have been monitoring the program. I first noticed this hyip on, but I felt reluctant to invest because of the relationship with an old long gone hyip program Safe Atom that took off with my funds. Safe Atom was actually quite good before they had their problems, but now Safe Depositary has proven to be trustworthy and reliable (Note: there is no perfect high yield investment program out there).
Safe Depositary is represented in every zone and on every big-cap stock exchange. It is presented by the dealing departments with trade in a strict accordance with the company’s strategy. TSE, SSE, BSE, MICEX, LSE, NYSE, TSX are among the stock exchange Safe Depositary is trading on.
Investment Plans
Virtax Fund: 1.6% daily for 150 days (Mon-Fri) spent amount is min deposit of $10 (This plan is an ideal solution for beginner investor with small amount of investing). Compounding (compounding is risky, only compound after you’ve cashed out your initial principal) is available. Principal is returned after 150 days. Premature closing fee is 30%. Signed paper after contract is available.
Rovasion Fund: 1.8% daily for 150 days (Mon-Fri) spent amount is min of $1000. Other details are the same as Virtax Fund.
Orston Fund: 2% daily for 150 days (Mon-Fri) spent amount is min of $5000. Other details are the same as Virtax Fund.
Grand Fund: 2.3% daily for 150 days (Mon-Fri) spent amount is min of $40000. Other details are the same as Virtax Fund.
Online Payment Processors accepted by Safe Depositary are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Alertpay, SolidTrustPay and Wire Transfer.
Referral Commission
Safe Depositary offers a multi level referral commission up to 8% referral commission. 3 level referral commissions with 8% on the 1st level, 3% on the 2nd level and 1 % on the 3rd level.
Safe Depositary Investment Program – Licensed Offshore Asset Management Services is definitely a good high yield investment company. What is your opinion about Safe Depositary? Let’s have your voice.

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  1. This program is now a scam,please don't invest.

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    1. It is so true. They stopped paying a long time ago.

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