Saturday, November 12, 2011

BexFund Investment Program - 2% to 7% Daily For 50 Calendar Days and Get Principal Back

So here we are again, it's been over a month that I have shared any HYIP program which is as a result of recent poor performances. After doing some hyip diligence i.e. Screening, I have decided to give you BexFund Investment Services. BexFund high yield investment program is an independent and objective fund management firm serving clients from all over the world. BexFund was founded by Erwin Schar. He was named a 2010 FIVE STAR Wealth Manager as announced in Boston Magazine based upon overall client satisfaction.

BexFund invest the funds received from investors, these funds are invested into Forex and Stock market. BexFund have implemented the"minimize loss" system, which limits the possibility loss to a level that can be controlled and that cannot exceed 8% of invested amount. Let's hope that this strategy really works.
Affiliate Program Commission
Start earning 5% referral commission without investing a single dollar in BexFund.
BexFund offers a referral program which allows you to earn money even if you don't have an active investment.
Please note that BexFund pays the referral bonus only through Liberty Reserve and so you need to have a Liberty Reserve account in order to participate in BexFund's referral program. Your referral bonus will be automatically sent to your Liberty Reserve account the next day after deposit.

Withdrawal System:
Your daily profit will be transferred to your Liberty Reserve account automatically. You don't need to withdraw.

BexFund Investment Plans:
Deposit range, you will receive principal currency back.
1. $1 - $100 2% daily for 50 days.
2. $100.01 - $300 2.80% daily for 50 days.
3. $300.01 - $500 3% daily for 50 days.
4. $500.01 - $1,000 3.50% daily for 50 days.
5. $1,000.01 - $2,000 4% daily for 50 days.
6. $2,000.01 - $5,000 5% daily for 50 days.
7. $5,000.01 - $20,000 6% daily for 50 days.
8. $20,000.01 - $40,000 6.50% daily for 50 days.
9. $40,000.01 - $80,000 7% daily for 50 days.
Let's see an example. You have $200 invested in our company. You will receive $5.6 daily for 50 days =$280. After 50 days your principal will be returned automatically, then the total earnings will be $280 + $200 = $480.
Click here to join BexFund Investment Service.
On a final note, BexFund Investment Service is still in its early days of monitoring but be patient to monitor the program on Goldpoll to see how the program will be doing after 50 days of monitoring. BexFund should be a successful high yield investment on the long run.
Warning, don't forget that this is HYIP so don't invest more than what you can't afford to lose.

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    Although the program looks promising to me, but when I was writing this article I said that those interested in investing should monitor for 50 days. I am afraid to tell you that this BexFund is now listed as problem on goldpoll, so please this is just another scam don't invest.