Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liberty Reserve Scam Alert Latest Update

It is quite unfortunate that Liberty Reserve scam is now what some group of people see as an online business, a means to make money online. Every now and then, these online criminals seem to try out different methods to orchestrate their liberty reserve scams. I was once part of this scam in the past, please don't get me wrong because I was on the receiving end.

Three years ago, I needed to invest some money in a good high yield investment program. When I got to the cyber cafe I was using, logged into my yahoo mail account I got the message that my LR account was blocked. The instruction was for me to click a link which I did, filled my liberty reserve details and submitted. That same day my liberty reserve account was emptied, guess who my first suspect was? They cyber cafe administrator, obviously I was so naive not to know that he wasn't the one and that it was just another liberty reserve scam.
A post on liberty reserve scam was written by me in August titled
Online Payment Processor Liberty Reserve Scam - Disregard This Message. Well, its really obvious now that this guys want to end this year on a high by doing a couple of liberty reserve scam jobs to gather some money for Christmas and new year.

The liberty reserve scam message will look like what you are seeing below, so if you get this kind of message before the end of the year just ignore it because its going to be another scam around the corner.

Liberty Reserve gives members random cash prizes. Today, your account has been selected as the one of 12 top winners accounts who will get cash prizes from us. Please click the link below and follow instructions on our web site. Your money will be paid directly to your Liberty Reserve account. Click here to get your prize: https://
The Liberty Reserve

An e-mail message with this title "Get 150% return in 7days" is also a scam.

Note, this message is not from the original liberty reserve staff. The only e-mails sent out by Liberty Reserve would be your payment message confirmations and sent message confirmations. Liberty Reserve will never ask you to click on any links to validate your account, or to provide any information via e-mail. There is no way to un-block or validate your LR account by clicking any links, any claims otherwise by anyone are false and misleading. Have you ever been scammed before? You can use the comment box to share your experience.

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