Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bloggers Suggestions On Best Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Getting quality traffic to my blog has really turned me to Google's daily customer, who searches for how to improve my Internet Investment Ideas blog traffic and pageviews. After some serious search, I finally threw in the towel and decided to take a nap....
To hell with the traffic, I told myself.

Few seconds later, I stumbled on a forum thread titled "Which is the best way to get more traffic to your blog" on Without wasting much time, I have listed below bloggers suggestions on getting more traffic to your blog.
Kerosene: Get quality, related, one way backlinks. Turn off all your RSS feeds so nobody can pinch your content. Write longer posts making sure your English is good. Use text links instead of banners. Make your comments "do follow" to encourage people to comment, or at least encourage them to visit.

Peter250: Submit some quality articles to Ezinearticles or Goarticles. Visit some other blogs and leave a comment with a linkback to your site.

Sport302: Without a lot of quality backlinks pointing to your site you will never see any good traffic. Start writing small articles and submit them to with links pointing back to your site.

Indigobean2003: The best kind of traffic is search engine traffic, so what you will want to do is to build backlinks from quality related web pages to your own.

Ultimatebits: I would suggest making a youtube video and promote your site.

Igaryok1: Start by getting a real domain.

Comenius: Definitely need to get off the free blog platform.

Kiduka: If you want fast results you can always use PPC(Pay Per Click).

All the traffic tips above are quite on point. I feel you'd want to say that I already know all these, but the question you should ask yourself is: Do I really apply most of the traffic tips listed above that I already know? Hey! I am guilty of this and I am sure you are too.

Which traffic methods are you using presently, and which other ones would you suggest?

Reference: Digital Point Forum

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    6. Remember to Use SEO Techniques

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