Thursday, December 1, 2011

Latest Update On Western® Union Money Transfer Internet Scam

Western® union money transfer internet scam is becoming one of the common scams around. The e-mail sent to me claimed that I have been chosen as a winner of $250,000 because I am their best customer i.e. I use western union money transfer daily for my transactions, but I can't even remember when last I used it.

Well, like most internet scam which e-mails are sent out to everybody but targeted at those individuals that are gullible and always online searching get rich quick schemes, this western union money transfer scam is not an exemption.

This scam is different from the following examples: Buyer pays for a brand new laptop valued at $3000. Buyer never receives laptop. Buyer pays for a brand new laptop valued at $3000. Buyer receives an old, used $300 laptop.

Below is the copy of the scam e-mail:

Welcome To Western® Union Money Transfer
Dear Western® Union

You have been awarded with the sum of $250,000 USD by our office, because you are one of our best customers who uses Western® Union Money Transfer on their daily business activities.
This award was been selected through the internet, where your E-Mail address was indicated and notified. Please provide Mr. Jackson Obama with the following details listed below so that your fund will be remitted to you through Western® Union.
1. Name:________
2. Address________
3. Country:__________
4. Phone Number_______
Mr. Jackson Obama
Western® Union Transfer Manager
Phone Number: +234 706 228 xxxx
Contact E-Mail:
Note that, as soon as the above personal details are received and verified, immediately
your fund will be transferred to you.
you for using Western® Union Money Transfer.

On a final note, can you please help me ask them why I must contact Mr Jackson Obama? Why can't they search for my e-mail on Facebook or Twitter, get my name and send the so called $250,000 through the same Western Union? And see whether I won't contact them to say thank you. This is just another means of telling you to send Mr Jackson Obama some money to be able to help with getting the abstract money. One big lie in the e-mail is that there is virtually nothing to verify. Just be extra careful, so that you don't fall victim of this Western Union Money Transfer Scam.

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