Sunday, April 7, 2013

Clixsense - The Click Ads To Earn Cash Program That Will Keep Paying You

Clixsense is a click ads to earn cash program that advertises for different companies, websites, affiliates, etc which have been paying their members....This click ads to earn cash is not a scam. Clixsense is a slow but easy way of making genuine money online. Like most of the other click ads to earn cash programs. If you are interested in making sudden huge amount of money online, then clicking to earn using Clixsense program is not for you.
* EARNINGS: The earnings on clixsense are 1 or 2 cents a click, but some ads pay as high as $3. Clicking clixsense ads consistently over a period of time could add up to a few extra cash at the end of each month. In addition, you should know that it will take a maximum of 30 seconds for viewing an ad after you've clicked to earn. You can upgrade your membership to a premium member with just $10 a year, and you'll be able to view more ads and you also get paid 10% of total volume earnings from your recruits.
Clixsense Click Ads To Earn Cash
* ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Clixsense click ads to earn cash program have an interesting feature that helps you to increase your earnings. It is known as ClixGrid. With ClixGrid on Clixsense, you have the opportunity to make up to $5 when you click the right cell to earn. ClixGrid gives you up to 25 chances to click cells in square shape picture to earn, and some of these cells have some bucks attached to them. Finally, you can also increase your earnings on Clixsense by completing tasks.
ClixGrid Click Ads To Earn Cash
* CASHOUT: Recently, Clixsense made some changes on their cashout. Standard/Free members minimum cashout $10 was changed to $8, while Premium members from $8 to $6. Clixsense withdrawals are processed through Alertpay, Paypal, Liberty Reserve and Check(minimum withdrawal of $10 for North America members and $100 for all others).

* AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Clixsense also offers opportunity to affiliates to make easy money from the earnings of those they recruit. Just use the referral id in your Clixsense account summary to promote your click ads to earn cash program and increase your referrals.

On a final note, Clixsense have been one of the leading paid to click advertisement program for the past 4 years. Clixsense started operation February, 2007 and still yet to falter.
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  1. Click sense is a very best way to invest money.Because every time you use it no just money you will take but also backlinks very awesome :D

    1. Yeah, since the site has shown to be trustworthy. Thanks for sharing your opinion, we hope to see you come back more often.