Thursday, September 13, 2012

How To Do Twitter Bulk Unfollow And Manage Your Twitter Account With ManageFlitter Twitter Application

As a Twitter user, you would have found yourself faced with the herculean task of managing your Twitter account, and the key one that comes to mind is having to unfollow over 500 or more twitter users that have refused to follow back. Some Twitter users including my humble self, once used Snaptu mobile application or the normal Twitter platform to unfollow other Twitter users which was difficult because it took time and effort.
Now, with ManageFlitter, it is easy to do bulk unfollow and manage your Twitter account.
ManageFlitter Twitter Application Manage Your Twitter Account Using Bulk Unfollow
ManageFlitter is an interesting Twitter application that helps to do bulk unfollow. Once you start using ManageFlitter, you will forget Twitter Karma, FriendorFollow or even Tweepi because it is easy and convenient to use in managing your Twitter account and to unfollow "backsliders"(Those who give their life to Christ and later backslide would be denied by Christ and end in hell). So, I do my own screening of backsliders to kick their butts like mine is always being kicked by others to.

==> ManageFlitter offers you the following in order to effectively manage your Twitter account:
* Clean up and manage who you follow.
* Find out who isn't following you back.
* Find out which inactive Twitter accounts you follow.
* Easily search inside your Twitter stream.
* Link Google+ to your Twitter account.

==> How to use ManageFlitter.
Step 1. Click start button.
Step 2. Click connect to Twitter button.
Step 3. Enter your Twitter account login details.
Step 4. On ManageFlitter unfollow page, click Quick Edit.
Step 5. Start selecting those to unfollow, then click the unfollow button on the right side of the page.
Step 6. Click the next page and continue to repeat step 5.

ManageFlitter will satisfy your need regarding bulk unfollow those who aren't following you back and management of your Twitter account.
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