Friday, March 16, 2012

SpreadYourLikes - More Free Facebook Likes For Brands Websites and Fan Pages

How hard have you been searching every nook and cranny of the internet for more free Facebook likes for your brands, websites and fan page?
Now, you can take a deep breath and a sigh of relief because your search for more free Facebook likes are over.
SpreadYourLikes should be your next stop, the solution to the sluggish increase in your Facebook likes free of charge. SpreadYourLikes is a sister application to SpreadYourTweets, which you can utilize to increase the number of your Twitter followers.
SpreadYourLikes More Free Facebook Likes
SpreadYourLikes is an exchange network where users trade Facebook likes. A user clicks the LIKE BUTTON on websites or fan pages and in return gains COINS. These spreadyourlikes coins can be used to get more free Facebook likes for your own brands, websites or fan pages. Refer Members and Gain Coins. Gain 25 free coins everytime your referred members purchase a coin package.

SpreadYourLikes offer four paid packages to get coins.
==> Package 1: Buy 200 coins for £2.00.
==> Package 2: Buy 300 coins for £2.90.
==> Package 3: Buy 400 coins for £3.70.
==> Package 4: Buy 500 coins for £4.50.

How do I manage my SpreadYourLikes account to get more facebook likes for your fanpages?
(1.) Sign up to be a member.
(2.) Click on the tab "ADD WEBSITE".
(3.) Click on the tab "EARN COINS" to like other fanpages.
SpreadYourLikes More Free Facebook Likes For Fanpages
(4.) Refresh/Reload if you have run out of like boxes to display more.
(5.) Refer your friends.

In conclusion, I previously mentioned that SpreadYourLikes also have a sister site for Twitter which I wrote a post on titled "Increase Your Twitter Community With SpreadYourTweets and Get More Twitter Followers." Your own tips would also be appreciated too using the comment form below, let us benefit from your wealth of knowledge.

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