Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GTBank Plc Account Suspension Notice and Compulsory Verification Scam

GTBank Plc is one of the 5 best banks in Nigeria at this moment. It not strange to that the bank is now a target for online scam in the form of "GTBank Plc Account Suspension Notice and Compulsory Verification Scam". I am combining two GTBank Plc online email scam together in this post. Two scam formats were sent to me on two different days. One on Account Suspension Notice and the second on Compulsory Verification.
GTBank Plc Account Suspension Notice and Compulsory Verification Scam

Dear Valued customer,

Guaranty Trust Bank eLectronic Notification Service(GeNs)

We are running a major security verifications on our internet banking gateway which requires that you must click on www.gtbank.com/verifications immediately for a compulsory verifications on your account. Failure to do so will result to termination of your internet banking.

This verifications will help us to verify all our internet banking users/
customers in order to
provide them with the best internet banking sessions and maximum security.
Click here now for the

Dear Valued customer,


As part of our continuous efforts towards providing you with excellent customer service and ensuring efficiency in transaction processing, we request that you kindly update your records with the Bank by going to https://ebank.gtbank.com/ibank3/update/login.aspx

This update will help us to prevent any unauthorised or illegal use of our customers identity and to confirm that you are truely the owner of the account you are operating. Failure to update your account now will lead to termination of your account and internet banking services for security reasons.
click here now for the update.

GTBank Plc will never send you emails of this nature which automatically make these ones scams. Even when customers where ask to update their accounts in the past, you either pick up a form at any of their branches or download the form from the bank's website and submit a hard copy.

Just like Liberty Reserve scam phishing site, where if you enter you details your money will disappear into the thin air. If you make the mistake of giving out your account details, then your money is in danger. Just be careful, don't give your account details to anyone to avoid this GTBank scam, they won't even ask for it at their office.

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