Monday, April 9, 2012

Just Another One Congratulations $1,000 Walmart Gift Card Online Scam

The title of this scam email "Congratulations $1,000 Walmart Gift Card" made it easy for me to know that this is just another random online scam targeted at those who will fall victim all for the feeling that would be derived from a free $1000 Walmart gift card.

As you already know that Walmart gift card can be used to shop on or at Walmart local stores to buy all kinds of stuffs, and you can even check the balance on your Walmart gift card. With the benefits to be derived from this card, then you have to admit that a lot of people would be interested which will increase the number of probable Walmart gift card online scam victims.

The following was the the email that was sent to my mail as prospect for future scam:
You have been chosen to receive a FREE $1,000 Walmart Card!
** Follow the link to confirm shipment of your gift card.**
Click Here To Claim

*The gift card may be used at any store location, or

Congratulations $1,000 Walmart Gift Card is a scam just like it has been published by some other sites online. You can always Google some keywords in any lottery or winnings email sent to you for you to be sure whether it is another online scam or not.

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