Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free E-Book Download: Confession of an Adsense Girl

Bloggers who have been accepted by Google need to equip themselves in order to succeed in doing the adsense business with Google. So, Internet Investment Ideas is still in a good mood season and we want to give you another invaluable free e-book “Confession of an Adsense Girl – 60 Cut Throat Questions and Answers about Making Money with Google Adsense by Liz Tomey of
but you’ve only got questions 1 to 51 in this e-book we are giving out to you. We recently gave out another one titled Top 10 Ways toGenerate Traffic and Build your List by Brian Winters, if you are yet to get yours you can click on the title anchor but you must first register with before you can get the full access to download the e-books.

What are you likely to get from this free e-book? Some questions are bothering your mind that needs answer, am I going to get answers here? The answer to those two questions is a “BIG YES”. Confession of an Adsense Girl will be answer all your questions and the ones listed below.

1.         How can I improve on my click through rate with Adsense?
2.         How do I track things so I know what’s working and what needs further tweaking?
3.         I am getting website visitors, but not getting any clicks to the Google Adsense ads in my site. What should I do to make the visitors click before they leave my site?
4.         What I would like to know is how to get higher priced Adsense ads on my health/fitness site. It seems like my “work at home” site has higher priced ads. I get a lot less clicks there, but I get more money. I get a lot more clicks on Adsense on my health/fitness site, but they are usually very low priced. Is there any way I can get higher priced ads on that site?
5.         I have been using adsense for several months now, but I have only been making around $100 every couple of months. I know that I can do better. My biggest “want to know” question is what is the best way to get visitors to my sites/blogs without risking a lot of money?

I guess I should stop here. Now is the decision time, whether you would be in need of this free e-book for your Google Adsense campaign. You absolutely not dumb, so don’t waste much time download and enjoy the information in this e-book. Guess what? You can only get it from Internet Investment Ideas because we want to be successful in your online business.

Just one big hearty request for you!!! You’ve seen this free e-book download, I don’t know how. BUT, make sure someone else reads and download this free e-book.
Confession of an Adsense Girl
 Note: The link will be directing you to, all you need to do before downloading is to first register then you will get the access to download this free e-book.
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