Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free E-book Download: Forex Killer Learning Book For Trading

Forex trading is a no go area me for because it is risky, but annoyingly profiting too. On this blog, this will be the first time you will be coming across anything Forex because we only write about what we have good knowledge about. But, Internet Investment Ideas will be giving you a free e-book on how to grow yourself to the status of a guru from the scratch in Forex trading.
Forex Killer Learning Book will be giving you insight knowledge about;
What is Forex?
Why Forex?
Forex Glossary.
Traders Textbook.
Introduction to Fundamental Analysis.
Technical Analysis.
Trend Analysis.
Trend Indicators.
Chaos Theory.
Mechanical Trading System.
Main Types of Charts.
Trading Platform Meta Trader 4
Forex Brokers.

You should know that there is a Forex software know as Forex Killer Software, which gives trading signals/decisions on whether to BUY or SELL. Forex Killer Learning Book is an e-book for to know about the basics of Forex and also have the knowledge of Forex Killer Software. Please, don’t ask me for the software. If you want the software, you can visit the official site The Forex Killer Software I have is the one of 2007, which is quite outdated now. Make sure your home work well before taking any trading positions. All the best in your Forex trading and amass those pips.

Just one big hearty request for you!!! You’ve seen this free e-book download, I don’t know how. BUT, make sure someone else reads and download this free e-book.
Note: The link will be directing you to, all you need to do before downloading is to first register then you will get the access to download this free e-book.
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