Friday, November 9, 2012

Liberty Reserve Scam - Congratulations!You Are The $1000 Winner Of November

Liberty Reserve have for long time been my most reliable payment processor because of their excellent services over time, you might want to differ probably because of the way Pay Pal and Payza block accounts fraudulent activities and Liberty Reserve doesn't. In recent times, there have been a kinds of scam activities with this payment processor, some even claim that you can invest with in Liberty Reserve program which is to me have been a successful scam for some years now.
Liberty reserve scam
I just got a message with the title: Congratulations!You Are The $1000 Winner Of November. This is really shocking you know? How someone just wake in the morning and dash out money like that just for free? We have previously shared Online Payment Processor Liberty Reserve Scam - Disregard This Message. To reduce the rate at which internet users including you will fall victim of this specific Liberty Reserve scam, I am going to share the message I received below leaving the LR account where money have been asked to be deposited untouched.

Dear Libertyreserve Customer,

Comgratulatulations! You account has been randomly chosen to be our Winner of October! You can claim your $1000 bonus with this link and transfer $100 fee to account U2991993 to get this $1000 bonus. After we received your $100 fee, we will transfer this $1000 bonus to your account in 24 hours. Please claim your bonus in 3 days after you receive this mail. If we don't receive your fee,we will choose another account to get the bonus.

Thank you.
Although, the message included list of October winners I have refused to publish here, but I am sure the list is not genuine. This is just another Liberty Reserve scam you need to be aware of to avoid making the mistake of depositing money to get money back. All the best.
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