Friday, January 31, 2014

Forex Capitalism Investment Club HYIP Review

Forex Capitalism investment club is focused on attaining consistent returns on client’s investments. This is done through having a strategic balanced plan for all investments. Forex Capitalism has been set up to help members gain financially while minimizing the risk.
The above statements were derived from the homepage of Forex Capitalism investment club high yield investment program, just stating their mission and vision basically for their members/investors. Forex Capitalism is a team of professionals with solutions for task of any complexity, providing a way for significant profits made possible through pooling funds in Forex market.
Forex Capitalism HYIP Program Review
Current Status is NOT PAYING. Start date is April 23, 2012.
Investment Plan:
  1. 3% daily for 40 business days
Minimum deposit is $10 and Maximum deposit is $1000.
Total profit (ROI) is 120%
The break even point is 34 business days.
  1. 3.50% daily for 40 business days
Minimum deposit is $1001 and maximum deposit is $3000.
Total profit (ROI) is 140%.
The break even point is 29 business days.
  1. 4% daily for 40 business days
Minimum deposit is $3001 and maximum deposit is $9000.
Total profit (ROI) is 160%.
The break even point is 25 business days.
  1. 4.50% daily for 40 business days
Minimum deposit is $9001 and maximum deposit is $12000
Total profit (ROI) is 180%.
The break even point is 23 business days.
  1. 5% daily for 40 business days
Minimum deposit is $12001 and no limit for maximum deposit
Total profit (ROI) is 200%.
The break even point is 20 business days.
Principal investment is included in the daily earnings.

Compounding: Not available.

Referral Commission: For every deposit made by a person referred by you, you will receive 5% of the amount of their deposit. Commission is paid immediately into your account as soon as your referral makes a deposit.

Payment Processors: Perfect Money, Ok Pay, Ego Pay.

Withdrawal: It is handled manually and will be paid instantly or within 24 – 48 hours.

DDoS protection is provided by N/A and Unique Script, Dedicated Server, SSL Encryption by N/A.

Whois Information: Registered with ENOM by Matthew White. Created 2010-06-29 and Expires 2013-10-29. Fax: 9024 40th St SW Edmonds, WA 98026, US. Phone: +1 2069351566.

Website Feature: Well designed website and live chat support service for 24 hours.

Investment Strategy: Forex Capitalism looks good because they have been paying for over 350n days. I tried so hard to know their DDoS protection SSL encryption provider but to no avail, while it is stated on their website that they have both. I have contacted the admin to ask some questions about their DDoS protection and SSL provider, but I am yet to get a response from them. Forex Capitalism doesn’t have many features on their website. With these reasons, I won’t risk much here. I will only invest because they have been consistent. HYIPs are PONZI schemes, so don’t invest more than you can’t afford to loose.
Happy Investing


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