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How to add Google+ comment widget on Blogger blog

It is no longer news that on 18th of April, 2013 Blogger launch a new comment system which is the Google+ comment widget to replace the default comment system on Blogger blogs. Now reading and responding to comments is being made easy, and the frequency of blog comments is part of the excitement of blogging.
In this post, you will be learning how to add the Google+ comment widget on Blogger blog and get rid of the old Blogger comment system In order to get this done, you must have upgraded your Blogger profile to Google+ profile.
How to add Google+ comment widget
What are the major advantages of using Google+ comment system?

  • Google+ comments will be linked with Blogger blog.

  • Activities from direct visitors and people talking about your content on Google+ will be seen easily.

  • Readers will be engage in one place.

  • Comments can be shared to circles on Google+ privately or publicly.

  • The pageviews for your blog will be increased.

  • Broader audience will be reached.

What are the major features of Google+ comment widget?

  1. Notification: Blog post author will receive Google+ notification anytime a reader comments or share your blog post. 
  2. Visibility: Comments not shared with the blog author will not be seen by the blog author on both Google+ and blog. 
  3. Response: If original comment is shared to Google+, replies will be shown on the blog and vice versa. It will be shared only to the people the original comment was shared with. 
  4. Share: There is the option of having comment shared on Google+ or not.
  5. Linking: Google+ post that link to blog post will show up as a comment below the blog post.

How to moderate Google+ comments on your blog.

A post on Google support, Moderate Google+ Comments on your blog which was updated yesterday.

Once you enable Google+ Comments, you can moderate comments within the blog post itself. The Comments tab that you previously used to moderate comments will be removed from your Blogger dashboard.

You can moderate comments by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the comment, or by hovering over the comment and clicking the "X" that appears.

How to add Google+ comment widget on Blogger
We'll hide comments that we think might be spam, and you can review those by clicking on the blue Review Comments bar, and edit them in bulk.

How to add Google+ comment widget on Blogger blog

As a blog author, you can choose to remove comments from your blog if that comment is shared publicly, or with you. However, if that comment is also shared in Google+, you won’t be able to remove it from Google+.

How to add Google+ comment widget on Blogger blog.

To get started with Google+ Comments, just visit the Google+ tab of your Blogger Dashboard (which is on the left side of your dashboard). Now under “Prompt to share after posting” Check “Use Google+ Comments on this blog.” (Older comments will continue to appear in the new widget.) After the last step you are done and good to go.

Finally, if you change your blog URL to a custom domain name, after adding Google+ comment widget, all your blog comments will be lost. Grab the chance to test the new Google+ comment widget by comment on this post. Make sure you share your experience with here.

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