Thursday, April 18, 2013

Neo Mutual HYIP Review

Neo Mutual HYIP was incorporated in 2012 in Panama, NEO Mutual Finance Inc. has quickly established a reputation as an innovator in the world of crowdfunding and bridge loans. Usually, crowdfunding models are either debt-based or equity-based. Debt-based crowdfunding involves a depositor giving a company funds and being paid back over time, with interest.
With equity crowdfunding, the depositor receives shares in the company, with dividends paid, often monthly.
Neo Mutual HYIP Review
But ours is a unique model of crowdfunding that combines equity-based and debt-based crowdfunding. It’s one that allows us to pay very high compensation to our depositors – but for a limited time only (200 business days). Who’s our perfect crowdfunding candidate? Clients could be artists, game developers or any other type of entrepreneur. In fact, anyone with an outstanding business idea who needs quick funding can invest in Neo Mutual.

Current Status is NOT PAYING. Start date is April 17, 2013.

Investment Plan:
  1. Junior
1.4% for 200 business days
Minimum deposit is $20 and Maximum deposit is $499.
Total profit (ROI) is 280%.
Open to general public.
The break even point is 72 business days.
  1. Senior
1.6% daily for 200 business days
Minimum deposit is $500 and maximum deposit is $50,000.
Total profit (ROI) is 320%.
Open to general public.
The break even point is 63 business days.
  1. Executive
1.9% daily for 200 business days
Minimum deposit is $250,000 and maximum deposit is unlimited.
Total profit (ROI) is 380%.
Private Group Scheme. By invitation only.
The break even point is 53 business days.

Principal investment is included in the daily earnings, so will not be returned after term.

Compounding: Not available.

Referral Commission: Neo Mutual pay a affiliate commission equaling 5% of all amounts contributed and re-contributed by every referred person..

Payment Processors: LibertyReserve, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay and PexPay.

Withdrawal: Neo Mutual HYIP withdrawal requests are processed once a day on weekdays only, after 16:00 hours (GMT). If you request your withdrawal before 16:00 hours (GMT) you should be paid on the same day. Neo Mutual high yield investment, however, reserve the right to process withdrawal requests within 48 hours during weekdays. The minimum amount to withdraw to your payment system is $2.00.
DDOS protection is provided by BLOCKDOS and Unique Script, Dedicated Server, SSL Encryption by Comodo.

Whois Information: Registered with BIZCN.COM, INC. Whois Privacy Protection Service. Whois Agent +86.05922577888 
Fax: +86.05922577111. No. 61, Wanghai Road, Xiamen Software Park, xiamen fujian 361008, cn. Contact address is Revolution Tower, Calle 50, Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Website Feature: Simple website. What Neo Mutual has is an email. and you can create a support ticket. Blog, testimonial page and recent tweets page. Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

Investment Strategy: Neo Mutual has a simple website in my own opinion but with solid DDOS protection and SSL script encryption. Still in its early days, so I won’t write them off because some strong investors are talking about the program. You can there for test with little capital before diving in hook, line and sinker. HYIPs are PONZI schemes, so don’t invest more than you can’t afford to loose.
Happy Investing!!!
Neo Mutual High Yield INvestment Review

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