Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Latest Liberty Reserve Scam Sent to My Yahoo E-mail Today

Liberty Reserve Online payment processor scam is not a new way that some scum bag use to make money online by stealing other innocent Liberty Reserve account owners money. I was just going through my Yahoo e-mail today and I came across the mail with the title "Security : Your Account After 12 Hours All Money Will Be Remove And Not Able To Back".
You might also see a subject like "Your Account Has Been Temporarily Suspended"  I have decided to share this info immediately, because my personal funds have been stolen a couple of times.
Latest Liberty Reserve Scam Sent to My Yahoo E-mail Today Protect Account
Do you currently know much about Liberty Reserve scam? Have you been robbed of your funds before? There was once a time that I just felt that I could click any link inn my e-mail and nothing bad will happen, if you still share such thought then you better rethink and change your perceptions concerning it. I have just put this blog post together to give you the sample of the Liberty Reserve scam e-mail I received which is quote below, so that you don't make any future mistake by clicking on the link in such e-mail.
Please Note That In All E-mails From Liberty Reserve We Will:
1. Always Address You By Our Site Email .
2. Liberty Reserve Only Know Your Personal Message .
3. Never Ask You To Send Us Any Money .

Our Automatic Security Has Been Blocked Your Account , We Have Found Someone Was Try To login To Your Account

So We Have Blocked Your Account Until You Get Notice , Your Account Will Be Block For 12 Hour

After 12 Hours Your Account Will Be Locked And Remove From Our System And Not Able To Restore

You Can Restore Your Account Before Get Blocked , To Restore Your Account Click On Next URL
Click Here To Restore Your Account

Or Click On Next URL

Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail.

For information and support please use our contact form in the help section of our web site.

Thank you.
I did not tamper with the e-mail at all, so please mind the link. If you click on it, it will redirect you to another website that looks exactly like Liberty Reserve officially website. How do you now avoid this type of scam now and in the future? There are certain information you need to know and I will list them below for your benefit.

How to protect your Liberty Reserve account from scam.
  1. Make use of the Liberty Reserve advanced IP Security. System will send Verification PIN to your e-mail/phone each time you login from different IP Address/location to make sure you are the real owner of this account.
  2. Create your LR account using an email address other than the one you use for your daily communications.
  3. Open the Liberty Reserve website using a secure browser with Liberty Guard installed, such as Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Always type Liberty Reserve URL yourself anytime you want to do tour transactions.
  5.  Try to create complex, unique and long passwords using a combination of letters, digits and special characters such as #, {,^,@,¤,*,=, and &.
  6. Never click on Liberty Reserve URL you don't trust.
  7. Use a completely unique password different from your e-mail password.
Now that you have just read this post make sure you safe guard your Liberty Reserve account from scam by making some personal changes where needed,,so that you can enjoy the money you've worked for to acquire. You can also help to share your own experience and how you protect your Liberty Reserve account.

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