Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Is Internet Marketing Challenging the Traditional Notions of Marketing

The traditional tactics of marketing with the likes of advertising in electronic and print media, trade shows, buying leads and referrals have always made up for the tried and tested conventional marketing strategies.
Looking at their success in winning the customers cannot be altogether overlooked but over the past two decades the internet marketing in Melbourne, New York, London, Paris and every big city in every corner of the world has created new waves in the marketing world.

Online marketing with its notable features of overwhelming reach, cost effectiveness and flexibility has completely transformed the marketing and advertising scenario. Because of these inherent features, online marketing has gained an overpowering edge over the traditional marketing practices all across the globe.

Advantages of internet marketing over traditional marketing

·  Traditional marketing involves huge sums of money whereas internet marketing is quite economical for you can acquire a huge quality customer base without shedding loads of money.

·   Online marketing surpasses the other marketing techniques in generating better results s the marketing efforts are more focused towards your target audience.

·   You are able to execute faster promotion of your products and services through online advertising efforts. It saves you both- time and money.

·   Online marketing comes with the convenience of buying or selling the products and services at any time of the day without any requirement of employing a middleman which is not possible in case of traditional marketing.

·     Internet marketing can provide a global platform to your business without incurring any additional costs unlike conventional marketing practices.

·   Employing internet marketing strategy helps in delivering an effective message to your target audience just when they are ready to make a buying decision and are researching on the internet for it.

·  Online marketing allows a great deal of flexibility to you as your intervention is not required at all the times when your target audience is seeking some information about your products or services or is willing to buy your products.

Investing in a good website and online marketing provides a considerable support to your business in market penetration, brand development, enhancing company value and expansion of the new products and services.

Author Bio: Anna Dawson is an Internet marketing expert, a proud mother and an avid writer by profession. She advocated the importance of Australia business listing and other internet marketing tactics  to give more exposure to Internet marketing in Australia. Sharing her Knowledge & experience through blogging is her real hobby.


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