Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SapioFund High Yield Investment Program Review

Sapiofund (Sapio - Sense, Lat) is a high yield investment fund open to members worldwide. Our specialists maintain highly profitable portfolio of trading strategies, which can bring you up to 4% daily profit. Offshore jurisdiction and usage of low cost payment transaction instruments allows us to cut down on operational costs and provide an increased profit share to our members.
Thus you can double your investment within just a few months. On top of that we offer you daily payouts, variety of payment and withdrawal options, lucrative affiliate program.
Sapiofund high yeld investment program review
SapioFund started as a trading cooperative in 2007. Initially it united three traders, two of them are still at the helm of the fund. Mark Pirelli is the senior trader of the fund, Pascal Jakobson is the head strategist. Initially the fund was started to combine the traders' funds, increasing leverage and minimizing negative market exposure. The fund quickly grew to engage around 25 traders and financial analysts. More than 350 different trading strategies and approaches have been developed during the years. Thus a very high level of diversification has been achieved.

Current Status is NOT PAYING.

Investment Plan:
Plan A
3% daily interest payout for 50 business days.
Minimum spend is $10 and maximum is $500.
Net Profit is 50%.

Plan B
4% daily interest payout for 50 business days.
Minimum spend is $501 and maximum is $2000.
Net Profit is 100%.

Plan C
4.5% daily interest payout for 50 business days.
Minimum spend is $2001 and maximum is no limit.
Net Profit is 125%.

Payment Processor: PerfectMoney, Egopay and also direct bank wire transfer. Liberty Reserve has been removed from the list of online payment processors of SapoFund high yield investment program.

Withdrawals and Compounding: You can withdraw your funds from SapioFund once a day each week-day (Monday through Friday). We do not process payments over the week-ends.

Referral Program: SapioFund said this to explain their affiliate program "In order to create a vibrant investor community we maintain a partner program, which pays our promoters 10% of the deposit made by their immediate referrals. The compensation can be increased based on your level of involvement and participation. You don't even need to be our active investor to start working with us!"

DDoS protection is provided by BlockDOS.net and Unique Script, Dedicated Server, SSL Encryption by Thawte.

Whois Information: Registered with CLOUD GROUP LIMITED, and registrar's details is whois protected. Creation Date: 11 February 2013 and Expiration Date: 11 February 2014.

Website Feature: Well designed website with a well updated latest news page. There is also a live support chat.  operate as an Estonian company Goodtrade OU. Business name: Goodtrade OU, registry code 12288236. Address: Karja 21b-3, Parnu city, Parnu county, 80018. By email: support@sapiofund.com By phone: +1 (213) 260-3305. Via Live Chat (Monday-Friday 24 hours, Saturday-Sunday 4 p.m. - 0 a.m. GMT). SapioFund also have a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page.

Investment Strategy: SapioFund high yield investment program have decent investment plans and principal back. I want you to make sure that you check their status on hyip monitoring sites before you invest. SapioFund is a PONZI schemes, so dont invest more than you cant afford to loose.
Happy Investing!!!
sapiofund hyip review
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