Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shifting your Mind from a Spender to an Investor

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that you have been working hard for your money for years and for some reason, still have nothing to show for it? Yes, you may have bought a couple of items, a few nice things, but for the most part, where did your money go?
The logical explanation would be is that you spent it.
Shifting your Mind from a Spender to an Investor Saving
Enjoying your hard-earned cash is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. However, if, at the end of the day, you fail to set aside enough cash to take care of yourself, all that hard work would be for nothing. It’s time adjust your point of view. Go from someone who spends your well-earned cash to someone who invests it. All it takes is the proper mindset and a level of commitment in order to secure a stable financial future.

The key is knowing how to save. Most people assume that saving merely involves not spending money. Hiding your money in a box in your home would prevent you from spending it, but considering inflation over time, making your savings stagnant may prove to be a waste in the long run. The best way to save money is to invest it.

True, a poor investment choice, plus the unpredictability of the economy, may not make investing seem like a viable option when one intends to save money. However, there are proven systems that greatly lessen investment risks. Looking into these options would be highly recommended. There are several websites that provide readers with ample information about these sorts of things, as well as sound advice, allowing you to make a truly informed decision as to where your money goes.

During the recession of 2009, a lot of people and companies lost a lot of money when many of the banks went under. They lost their jobs to the pressure of the economy and came close to losing their homes and their entire way of living. It was a difficult time for everyone and it would have been even more difficult for some had they not chosen to invest their money.

Investing your money in trades acts as a safety net when unthinkable incidents like the one described above occur. You don’t need to dump all of your money in investments, but having a portion of it doing its thing in the market—eventually growing into a very comfortable nest egg—is more than just a smart move. It’s a means to provide yourself with security beyond the savings you have hidden away. Again, the key is knowing how to save, and knowing how to do it the right way. Play it smart and set it aside. Save and invest. You’ll be glad you did.

This is a guest post by Cristina Beltran of Compare Hero.

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