Monday, January 6, 2014

Plan and Set Goals to Enjoy a Better Life

After a wonderful cross over night with prayers to secure the year, I over slept and woke up around 11:30am on the first day of 2014. So, I decided that I have to come up with this post to help you and me start the year on the right part. The most anticipated 2014 is here, 2013 is gone and this is a new day which is the first one for the year.
New year resolutions are being set left, right and center. I believe you have yours in place already, if not? Then there is no better time than now. That said, the essence of this post is to get you and me warmed up for the long year you are into already. I will also be sharing some secret life changing tips that are tested and works. Don't be in a hurry to read this post, have it in mind that this post is long but you have a lot to gain.

Welcome to another New Year! John Barrymore, an accomplished businessman, threw a bombshell: "A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams." Regrets represent the path of the past, while dreams are a symbol of the future. No matter how bad last year was, it is time to let go forever. If a past failure is not properly handled, it can hurt a person for years. No matter the past defeats and pain, note that when one door closes, another opens. Every exit is a new entry into a new world of possibilities. Determine to press forward again! Defeat or delays nothing but education. There is no living or dead successful personality that has never had a regret about a delay, a mistake or a circumstance where they failed. The past will slow down your life. Let it go or you will go with it.

The basic thing you need to do this year is that you must not live it like the last one. One that comes to mind is setting goals and putting plans in place on how to achieve them. A goal is specifically defined as the object of an ambition or effort and they refer to your ultimate destination in life. Goal setting early in the year like this, will deliver you from crisis management later. Take for example, a blogger who wants a successful blogging year can set a goal of writing for at least 30mins daily and then plan how to get that done.

Having goals is very important, I started setting mine around June last and guess what? I did not regret it and I am sure you wont if you start today. Start with an easy one by getting a paper and pen, write down 10 goals you would like to achieve within the year and don't forget to write the plans on how to achieve them. Opportunities never come to those who wait. Once you have goals you can visibly see you will outrun your equals this year.

I read a book last year written by Catherine Ponder title "The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages". The book really impacted my life and I had some sweet testimonies which unfortunately I won't be sharing here for some reasons. I will recommend that you read the book this year, so that you can experience wonderful changes in your life too this year. When was the last time you bless your life, spouse, children, money, debtors, debts, employer, customers, etc? Blessing one's life regularly is one of the prosperity secret in ancient times. In addition to blessing everything you can think of, you must always declare this statement "I can have everything because it is my divine heritage." Remember what King David said in the book of Psalms, "For thou(God) hast made him(you) a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor." What an amazing truth, we are more or less angels.

Be a sincere tither this year. Tithe is defined as a tenth of an individual's monthly income pledged to the Church you worship or where you get spiritual assistance or prayers. Don't care about what the money is used for because it is non of your business, and you will experience an awesome change in your life. If you are capable of paying more than 10%, you can go ahead and pay it. Apart from paying tithe, always set aside some money to give others who don't have much. Look around for someone who doesn't have a job and give anything, givers never lack. Giving to others is also important this year, being stingy will not help you. Make a life happy by giving money out monthly this year

Learn to always pay yourself first. Make it is a must that you pay yourself at least 10% of your earnings every month. This money is not meant for spending or for other expenses your term important. Do this throughout this year and by next year you can look for a profitable business you can invest in to let your savings start yielding profits. You will be surprise with the results you will achieve with this secrets.

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