Sunday, February 16, 2014

6 Negative Habits of a Lazy Blogger That Hinders Success

A lazy blogger would have expected to see the title of this post as "6 Negative Habits of a Lazy Blogger That Hinders Success". Well, sorry to disappoint you. The sad truth is that lazy blogging will not pay the bills,result to decent Google pay cheque
and affiliate sales, and lastly, good page views or traffic. In this post you will discover, the disadvantages of lazy blogging, and the behaviors of a lazy blogger that prevents success in blogging.

Personally, I had my own experience of being a lazy blogger and I used to justify this with various reasons like; there is no money, I don't have a laptop, light is poor and I can't afford a generator, I can't be preparing my post in a public cafe because it takes time and money, and the list kept going up. With all my good reasons, did I ever succeed?

Disadvantages of lazy blogging
  • You will always be late in all you do.
  • Excuses will be the order of the day.
  • You will never be independent.
  • You will always have too much work to do.
  • You will lack focus.
  • There will be no success story.
6 Negative Habits Lazy Blogger That Hinders Success
In recent times I feel sorry for a blogger hat still exhibit these traits. Mind you, knowing what a lazy blogger does should be the signals for you to avoid being lazy at the end of the day.

(1.) Procrastinating: I used to be a fan. Now, I list what want to do with the time to execute it. I am gradually leaving the fan base. What is procrastinating? It is simply a robber of time, to delay doing something that you ought to do, usually because you do not want to do it. If you are fond of this habit, it is high time you stopped because nothing positive comes out of it.

(2.) Inconsistent Blog Update: Updating a blog is very vital when it comes to the success of the blog. Updating has to do with writing post regularly, redesigning, adding widget , responding to comments, etc. Keeping your blog busy will interest new visitors. A lazy blogger lacks the passion.

(3.) Visiting our Own Blog: It is to visit your own blog in order to increase your page views. I am sure you would have done this one or twice when you were still a baby blogger, if I am wrong or right let me know.

(4.) Abnormal Checking Traffic Stats: This is a total waste of time with no success. A lazy blogger will always check these stats even though there is virtually nothing to check. I am sure some bloggers will even add Feedjit widget to check the time intervals of visitor.

(5.) Abnormal Checking of Adsense or Affiliate Accounts: Don't get me wrong. I am not saying it is wrong to check. When you have poor traffic and you are looking forward to getting those clicks. This will not happen; there is no free food in Free Town. You won't achieve anything and it is a waste of precious time that can be utilized to do something more productive.

(6.) Duplicating Other’s Contents: This is a criminal offence because content is king online. Lazy bloggers who duplicate contents should be punished. If you need someone else's content, copy the article and add a link back to the post. Although, I post articles that are not mine from article farms but I usually link back to the author's website. You can even say that it is a guest post.

7 Tips of How to Reduce Laziness as a Blogger
The tips you have below are not listed according to their importance. These are the tips that will help you reduce laziness regardless of which one you choose to follow.
  1. Divide your task into smaller segments.
  2. Do one thing at a time, and start with the most important.
  3. Visualize anything you want to do before embarking on it.
  4. Be proactive by deciding your next action.
  5. Motivate yourself always.
  6. Avoid distractions.
  7. Learn the secrets of successful people you know.
The essence of this post is not to condemn anyone but to proffer solutions, so that bloggers can experience success in blogging. I want this post to fully achieve the purpose for which it was written. So this is it,6 Negative Habits of a Lazy Blogger That Hinders Success. Let us have your response using the comment form, I would like to know what you think about lazy blogging.


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  3. I think i'm guilty of that 6 habits.. Specially the number 5. I'm trying to discipline my self, And make a regular post to my blog and make money.