Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Changing Face of Forex and What to Expect in 2014

Many changes have already occurred in the foreign exchange market in 2014, and some of these include the creation of thousands of high-yield investment programs that rely on currency trading, new regulations by agencies in numerous countries
and the introduction of several platforms that are compatible with automated trading systems.
Brokers And Competition
This year, hundreds of new brokers will allow independent customers to use their platforms for the first time. Many of these companies will provide large bonuses and tight spreads, and as a result, trusted businesses are offering additional benefits to traders, such as increased leverage, the ability to trade little-known currency pairs and detailed news about the market.

One study showed that the amount of individuals who utilize their mobile devices to log onto the Internet will exceed the number of people who use computers to access websites by 2015. Certain brokers are designing platforms that can be used with tablets of all types and mobile phones, and some companies have developed apps that let traders remain logged into their accounts at all times of the day.

New Regulations
Recent rumours have indicated that agencies in certain countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, may unveil new regulations for brokers, such as a requirement to place the funds of customers and the assets of brokers in different accounts.

The Euro
Before 2014, numerous experts indicated that the euro's value would rise exponentially during the year, yet due to Russia's takeover of a section of Ukraine's territory and the political unrest in the country, the euro's market value is now projected to continue to drop during the next several months.

Free Trading Signals And Automated Systems
Only five years ago, a steady stream of accurate indicators could cost as much as $200 per month. In 2014, the majority of brokers are providing free signals and economic news for all traders.

Furthermore, a free software program can be added to a trader's platform, and the system will automatically place trades based on short-term, technical analysis.

Investment Programs
This year, the amount of high-yield investment programs has been increasing rapidly. The proprietor of each business that provides this type of account will indicate the level of risk, the currency pairs that the experts are going to trade and whether or not leverage will be used when trading. A customer who opens an account with the company will receive a set payment each day or every week.

During the past three years, the average spread that brokers provide has dropped substantially. FXDD and Interbank FX both have a median spread of approximately 2.8 pips, but MXT Global's average spread is only two pips.

Choosing A Broker
MXT Global provides a free demo account, offers spreads of zero pips, allows customers to trade 39 currency pairs and has seven trading platforms. To open an account, a trader can visit and make a deposit of only $100.


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