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We are pleased to inform you now that you can published your post on this blog for free, except for product reviews. Guest post most be related to the following topics:
  • High Yield Investment Programs tips.
  • Forex and Fixed Odds.
  • Blogging and SEO tips.
  • Online money making tips.
  • Motivational Articles.
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However, before you send us your guest post, it is necessary that you read the following terms:
  1. We forbid posts copied from other blogs/websites and we publish your post only on the condition that it will never appear on your blog/website in future.
  2. Posts with excess affiliate/external links or links not related to the content of your post will be rejected. Only 3 links in total will be allowed in your post.
  3. It is worthy of notice that your post should contain a minimum of 400 words. That notwithstanding, it should be of high quality and must be free of grammatical errors—we will proofread it in any case.
  4. It is not compulsory that your post should contain images or screenshots depending on the content of the post.
  5. You are to include a byline (with/without your picture) at the end of the post. This should give background information of you and your blog/website. Optionally, you can add the link of your profile on any of the social websites such as facebook, google+, twitter, etc.
  6. Please note that we will never disregard your guest posts; we must give you a feedback—it's either your post is accepted or rejected.
  7. It will be appreciated if you insert into your post; the links of previous, related posts on this blog.
You have read our terms; if you are still interested in guest posting on this blog, then mail your guest post to geepawps(at)gmail(dot)com.

Your post will be published within 48 hours if it is accepted.